This is an original mixed media work on BFK Rives® 100% cotton heavy-weight archival white paper with deckled edges and is signed by the artist. The piece began as a Monotype and then drawing, and painting elements were added to complete the piece. Monotype is a printmaking process through which only one unique image can be made. An image is created by applying ink to a plate (surface) and then passing the inked plate and the paper through a high-pressured etching press. The ink is transfered to the paper as a result of the pressure of the press. This can happen only once. No editions are possible through this process. This is a one-of-a-kind original work on paper.


Materials: Paper, ink, acryllic paint, water-soluble pencil, graphite.


Image size: 12 x 16 in.


Paper size: 15 x 22 in.


Margins: The image is centered on the paper.


Framing option

    Lawrence • Kansas • Midwest • USA

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